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Online Mah Jongg

Welcome to, the best website to play the fun and exciting tile game, mah jongg. We offer a multitude of different boards, so challenge yourself to beat them all!

Enjoy the view of a beautiful cherry blossom tree in full bloom when you start to eliminate tile sets one by one. Match available like tiles to make them disappear from the board. Match all the tiles and you are a winner!

Watch for flower and seasonal tiles. These tiles have numbers in the upper corner. Any season can be matched with another season, and the same goes for the flower tiles. You'll want to keep coming back to Online-mah all day long to beat your best time or just have a nice relaxing game.

Online Mah Jongg Strategy

  • match mah jongg tiles to eliminate them from the board
  • win by eliminating all mahjong tiles
  • you can match any two season tiles, and any two flower tiles (even those that don't have identical faces)
  • don't just eliminate any tiles--pay attention!
  • eliminate those tiles which expose more tiles, first

Flower Tiles:

Season Tiles:

Online Mah Jongg Updates