Online Mah Jongg Butterfly

January 22nd, 2011

Online Mah Jongg Butterfly is mah jongg solitaire with a cool mah jongg tiles.

This beautiful butterfly map has a wicked side: it's very difficult for the typical online mah jongg player. A good strategy for this game is to peel away the side mah jongg tiles first, then gradually work your way inward to the center of the board.

Remember that flower tiles and season tiles can match with themselves, even if their tile faces don't match. If you get stuck, you can always press the "hint" button, and two mah jongg tiles will light up to show you your next move. So go ahead, and play Online Mah Jongg Butterfly if you think you're a truly exceptional mah jongg solitaire player. They may call it a board game, but you will most certainly not be bored!

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